Friday, January 23, 2009

A Reminder to Think and Be Positive

I came across this on Danielle Bean's site several weeks ago.  I like the way this homeschooling mom thinks ;-)

Five hidden benefits of homeschooling
1. Fewer clothes. We save a lot of money on clothes and shoes. The children would need more of both if they were in school. After all, no one says, "Didn't you wear that outfit on Monday?" And we need not be slaves to fashion: The kids wear what looks right and fits well; fads be durned.

2. Health. The children have been (*knock on wood*) exceptionally healthy, and I attribute that to the time they don't spend in classrooms or school buildings.

3. No artificial peer group. The kids have spent their time with people from a much wider circle (age, socio-economic, ethnic, etc.) than one finds in a typical classroom of same-age, same-town peers (and even in a typical homeschool support group or co-op, really). This has enriched their souls and informed their confident communication style.

4. No time-wasters. No pointless assignments. No busy work. No fundraisers. No assemblies. No mismanaged field trips. No parent-teacher conferences. No P.T.A. meetings. No study halls. No waiting for the others to catch up. No testing. Homeschooling, at least in our experience, makes the most of each minute, even when that minute is spent simply staring at the birds on the feeder or poking around the mind's (lavishly furnished) rooms.

5. Emphasis on family. Homeschoolers do not have a corner on strong families, but, for us, the family-centered learning project has, in fact, built this family from bricks and concrete. Each of us feels a sense of centeredness and, yes, strength because of our relationship. I'm not sure how we would have done this, in fact, I'm not sure if we would have done it quite so easily were it not for homeschooling. Print Friendly and PDF

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Sarah (JOT) said...

I know, don'tcha just love Danielle? Those are all great points! I mean, facts! They are FACTS.