Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only the Most Important, Most Prestigious Blog Award Ever!

My blogging buddy Dawn conferred this award upon me after reading my hibernation post earlier this week. The enviable Hot Tub Award is the best award I could ever imagine.

I normally don't accept awards on my blog.  My blog is much too isolated and I don't have a ton of blogging buddies to pass awards along to.  This is one award I am very happy to accept and to pass on, especially since there are absolutely no strings attached.  The happy recipients of this award are under no obligation to pass it on.  Just accept it as an act of friendship and general good will on my part.  Sardonic Catholic Dad is the first nominee because he makes me laugh almost every day and as the dad of 12 kids (11 with one in the oven) I can think of no one more worthy of a soak in a hot tub than him, except his saint of a wife, Sam.  Sorry Sam, I can't bestow this one on you due to your "condition" but you could take a nice warm bubble bath instead.  My second nominee is Mom to 5 Minnies.  She's undergoing oral surgery here very soon and she really needs to relax in the "hot tub" before she goes under the knife, so to speak.

Hope you all enjoy a good soak!

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Party of Eight said...

Congratulations! Enjoy :)

momto5minnies said...

Awwww ... thanks. I really need some jets to go with that hot bath ;) The tension for my upcoming surgery is starting to build ... yikes!!!!!