Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Photos

Photos from Christmas 2008.

Wingnut and I were able to head out to a work Christmas Party this year.  Thank you Betty Beguiles for leading me to Shabby Apple for my very cute and modest party dress.  I loved it and felt incredibly pretty for the party.

Every year we make a family favorite passed down through my Norwegian side of the family. This is lefse, a scandinavian flat bread made from riced potatoes, flour, a little cream, sugar and salt and then rolled into see through rounds and cooked on a round electric skillet, or lefse baker.  We usually serve this with a very slow cooked and tender pork roast, butter, cinnamon and sugar, or honey.  OJ got the award for thinnest rolled lefse, this year.
Karate Kid got the award for roundest lefse.
JP just wanted to roll and eat his own lefse.  He's not picky about looks, but he did a fine job.
This was the first time Special K rolled her lefse all on her own.
Skoshi A was the first in the kitchen and could not wait to roll her own lefse.
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1 comment:

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I haven't had lefse since I left home 16 years ago. I'm having missing home pangs and hunger pangs all at once. It's cute to see the kids rolling that stuff out. :-)