Thursday, January 8, 2009

She Wears Her Veggies, Too.

Special K has been making birthday plans.  Her special day isn't until May and we have a rule around here that you cannot discuss your birthday until it is your turn to have a birthday.  It's a long story, but trust me, we had to make that rule.  Like I said, we normally have a rule about not making birthday plans until your birthday is the next one on the calendar, but Special K is actually so cute and guileless about it, that I normally just let her chat away.  Her plan is for a little luau and she has her outfit picked out and ready to go.  She was describing the cute hawaiian print shorts she could wear beneath her hula skirt (we're all about modesty around here).  

She then said, "I tried on the shorts with my zucchini top and it was really cute." 

"Zucchini top?" She had my attention, now.

"Oh, I can't remember the name for it." She giggled.

I believe she meant TANKINI top.
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Party of Eight said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh!