Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Do Not Disturb. Hibernation in Progress.

We have been having the hardest time getting ourselves out of bed in the morning.  Wingnut says it's our circannual  rhythm, or some such thing.  Not only am I sleeping past 8:00 most mornings, but I'm also having difficulty getting up off the couch during the day.  Wingnut can usually find me huddled up under a quilt or down comforter when he gets home.  This, of course, means not much housework is getting done around here and my promise to myself that I would get out and exercise again is not happening.

Thankfully, today is Small Successes Day over at Faith and Family Live.  Hopefully I'll get a little something done today.  I'm sure we'll start to come out of this hibernation as spring approaches, but then "spring forward" will happen and our rhythm will be messed up again.  
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