Tuesday, January 20, 2015

*Updated--Urgent Prayer Request

*Update:  I've been waiting to update until I had confirmation, but Paul Coakley did indeed pass away in the hospital late this morning.  Please pray for the repose of his soul and for the consolation of his wife Annie, their four children and their extended families.

This is such heartbreaking news.  Paul Coakley was diagnosed with an aggressive type of testicular cancer that has metastasized in his lungs just before Christmas.  He is the husband of blogger Annie Coakley of Family of the Eternal Song and the father of 3 plus one on the way. Without wasting time on details, Paul is near death at this very moment.  Please, please, pray for Paul, Annie and their family.  A miracle would be awesome, but I'm sure prayers for grace at his moment of death are very much needed and appreciated.  Pray for comfort and peace for Annie and their 4 babies.  God's Will be done.


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