Friday, January 30, 2015

The Day Has Arrived

Tomorrow I accompany Oleander to Maryland, where on Monday, February 2nd (or Candlemass), she will enter as a postulant with the Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of MatarĂ¡.  She has been waiting, hoping, and praying for this day for so long and we are so happy for her.  I can't believe it will be two years or more before she will be allowed to come home.  We can visit her as often as we like, but Maryland is very far away.  The next time we see her, God willing, will be for her investiture.  Sigh.

Her entrance is a big deal, of course, but an even bigger deal around here is that I am leaving the rest of the kids behind with Wingnut.  That does not happen often, in fact, the last time I travelled and left children home with him was when Oleander was about 3 years old.  Wow!  It may or may not be a huge shock to Lil' Lamb.  He's become quite independent of late and I'm thinking (read hoping) he will be just fine and not even notice I'm gone.

Skoshi A is in charge of the menu and cooking dinner, as well as taking care of dinner clean up.  Special K is in charge of getting her little brothers' lunch and the midday kitchen clean up.  That will leave Wingnut having only to make sure Lil' Lamb gets breakfast.

I'm torn between doing just enough prep work for Wingnut that he doesn't have much to think about and doing too much and treating him like he's completely helpless.  I'm not sure which he'd prefer.  I probably sell him too short.  He's perfectly capable of handling getting everyone to Mass on Sunday(which includes making sure the boys have clean and ironed Mass attire and that they are dressed before leaving the house) and will remember they have CCD afterward, right?  He'll also be in charge of making sure school gets done while I'm gone.  We can't afford any more breaks until Easter.  It will be interesting how he manages to juggle Lil' Lamb while teaching Wingnut Jr. math--something I often struggle with myself.

Anyhoo, it would be wonderful if y'all could send up some prayers for us over the next few days--prayers for safe travels, prayers for Olivia as she enters, prayers for Wingnut and the kiddos I'm leaving in his care.  I'm sure I'll have lots of photos from my trip when I get back.  Pax!

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Mikki said...

How in the world does one ever decide which convent sect to join? (sorry if I am not using correct terminology) How does someone make that decision when there are probably hundreds to choose from?

Cammie Wollner said...

How exciting! I remember when you first started talking about her writing to the convent and going out there for the first time. Time flies!

Prayers for you as you travel out there and for Oleander as she takes this next step on her journey!

Maurisa said...

Mikki, good question! Many young women will visit several orders (not sects) before applying to enter. Most orders have websites which describe in detail their charism and mission. Olivia has wanted to be a nun since she was three. She's had exposure to many different orders in her life and after having spent so much time with the SSVM, she really feels drawn/called to that particular order. As a postulant she will spend about a year continuing to discern and receiving spiritual formation before being formally received as a novice. Until then she will not take any sort of vows. Hope that clarifies a touch.