Thursday, January 22, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Jan.22


Yeah, that's the view from my dining room windows.

I was inspired as I watched incense smoke curlicue about the room and thought it would be really cool to capture in a photograph.  50 photos later, this was my favorite.


Nothing makes this bibliophile/addict happier than our parish media sale once a year.  Not only did I cull a bunch of duplicate copies of books and other books that we'll never read again from our shelves to donate to the sale, I bought some awesome used finds on the cheap! Yay for me, and the lucky kids I found new reads for.

This one is my favorite.  Most of the pages are just lined blank notebook pages, but the rest has poetry by Shakespeare and some of the loveliest illustrations.

I really couldn't pass it up for must $2.

Absolutely whimsical

and lovely


Inspired by a viewing of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Special K put together this costume and has been milling about the house reciting her favorite lines.  What a goofball this girl is.


So here is the set up I used to capture the second {pretty} photo above.  Getting the lighting just right was one of the reasons ended up taking 50 photos to get just the right one.  What we do for art, right?

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Chere Mama said...

Your view is spectacular........your Shakespeare book delightful......and your lighting solutions made me laugh out loud (I have been there myself)!This was a great made a gray day less so. Thanks.