Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Photos

Just some of my favorite photos from this week.

The mountains are particularly beautiful this time of year.  This is the view as we drive down into the valley after a morning of skiing on the mountain.

Even the bare branches are beautiful in this setting.

The little guys have been enjoying a bit of sunshine and above freezing temps outside.  Lil' Lamb was making some snow angels for me.

This is one of the chanters my three middle girls purchased.  They are going to teach themselves how to play the bagpipes.  It's going to be interesting.  So far, they sound like a flock of dying geese.  I'm not looking forward to the day they actually put the "bags" on their "pipes".  I may be investing in some very good earplugs in the near future.

I caught Special K in an act of kindness toward her little brothers.  Believe me, she wore herself out dragging these two around the yard on that sled.  They absolutely loved it!  Mush!

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