Wednesday, January 7, 2015


A blogging buddy has posted her word of the year for the last couple of years.  I found it inspirational and have decided to focus on a word of the year of my own.  I mulled trust and joy, but in the end, surrender really spoke to me.  If you know me at all, you may know I am a bit of a control freak.  Over the years I have come to learn I am not the one in control, God is. Yes, we all make our own choices and decisions, but in the end we really control nothing at all except what we do ourselves.  This year I am working on surrendering control to God.  His plan is best anyway.

"If my life is surrendered to God, all is well.  Let me not grab it back, as though it were in peril in His hand but would be safer in mine!"

--Elisabeth Elliot

"The proper good of a creature is to surrender itself to its Creator--to enact intellectually, volitionally, and emotionally, that relationship which is given in the mere fact of its being a creature.  When it does so, it is good and happy."

--C.S. Lewis

"From Mary we learn to surrender to God's Will in all things.  From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone.  From Mary we learn to love Christ her Son and the Son of God!"

--Saint John Paul II

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