Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Jan. 29


Utah is so pretty as the sun sets.  I pulled over at a rest stop to snap this photo of the stormy sky just before entering the canyon.


As the day rapidly approaches for Ollie to depart for her entry into the SSVM, I've been trying to make all her favorite dishes.  It may be as long as 2 years before she comes home!  I'd never attempted chicken and waffles before, but she talked me into it.  It was wonderful, of course, and made the whole family happy.


This is what skiing with Lil' Lamb looks like.  He still loves it, even if Wingnut practically drags him down the mountain.


I haven't been able to touch the computer in days, as Ollie is frantically editing their latest project before she leaves on Saturday.  They have about 15 minutes of film that includes two spoof tv programs and several spoof commercials.  I may post the funnier bits and pieces from "Mordor's Next Top Model", and "My Big Fat Dunlanding Wedding", as well as a couple of the more hilarious commercials.  They've made quite a hobby out of their little movie projects and most are fun to watch.  They had me in stitches yesterday as I watched a few of the clips.

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