Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WYD Return Travel Woes *Updated*

*Update #2*
Ollie called around 2 this afternoon.  She did not sound happy.  Apparently she had been on a bus heading to the airport when the organizers announced her particular group wasn't flying out after all.  She has no idea when she will be leaving Argentina, but she heard they are all ticketed on flights from today through August 3.  I called Delta and cancelled her ticket home from Baltimore.  I can reschedule her once she is Stateside and only pay a $200 penalty.  So now we just wait and pray some more.

*Update #1*
Via email I have learned Ollie and 200 pilgrims are in Buenos Aires and working on getting flights out. Hopefully it will all be sorted out sometime today.  Can you imagine trying to orchestrate last minute flights for 200 people?  Brother Nate and the rest of the pilgrimage organizers could really use your prayers on this one! BTW this will only get Ollie to New York.  From there the pilgrims will take a bus back to DC and then I need to reschedule her flight out of Baltimore to home.  I can't do that until I know when the pilgrims will be back in the USA.

Oleander phoned from the Brazil/Argentina border this morning.  The chartered flight the pilgrims had out of Brazil canceled and the pilgrims are currently deep into a 36 hour bus ride back to Argentina.  They are hoping to get flights out of Argentina on Wednesday and hope to end up in New York on Thursday.  I have Oleander scheduled on a flight back to Utah out of Baltimore Thursday afternoon.  I am pretty sure she isn't going to make that flight. :(

Thankfully, a cursory search on Delta revealed I can still change her flight to another day for only a couple hundred dollars.  I'm trying very hard not to worry.  I know the sisters will take good care of her and eventually she will make it home.  Oh, the stories she will have to tell!  I can't wait!

Please continue to pray for our Oleander and the rest of the pilgrims making their way home from a very long, very exhausting, and very exhilarating trip. Print Friendly and PDF

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