Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} July 11

round button chicken


Summer is in full swing and the flowers are in full bloom.


In my quest for domestic bliss I've been continuing to use more and more natural cleaners and strategies around the house.  These are balls of lovely quality pure wool yarn from two skeins.  After rolling the skeins into balls, I washed them in extremely hot water and dried them in an extremely hot dryer.

These are now felted dyer balls that have been treated with a few drops of lavender oil.  They replace dryer sheets and fabric softener.  They are supposed to decrease drying time as well as freshen and soften the laundry.  We shall see.


Lil' Lamb is in perpetual motion and almost always has a weapon in his hands. Thankfully, it is usually just a small twig.


Lil' Lamb does not sleep like this very often.  It leaves us with a dilemma.  Do we wake the sleeping giant and begin the day or do we let him sleep and then suffer the consequences later when he stays up past 11 pm?

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Deirdre said...

Interesting about the dryer balls! Never heard of that. But I'm all for anything that smells like lavender!!

Natalie said...

I need to get that book you wrote about a while back on cleaning without chemicals. I would like to make my own laundry soap and dryer balls, but I may stick with my Lysol wipes for now. =)