Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Believe We Have a Team

Wingnut Jr. as Catcher

Little League Machine Pitch Baseball has a very short lived season, thankfully.  They play just 8 games  and then they have a quick tournament to determine the winning team.  Our little team struggled all season and ended up with only one W in the win column.  They finished tied for last in the league.  Last night they had their first, and what we believed and halfway hoped would be their only, playoff game. (I know, bad mom moment, but it was nearly 100 degrees!)  They were playing the 5th place team that had a 50% win/lose record.  Low and behold our little team's batting took off and they ended up winning the game by 11 runs.  Immediately following the first playoff game they took the field again for a playoff double-header.  Once again their bats were hot and they defeated the 4th place team by 18 points!  Wingnut Jr. could not be more ecstatic.  He was completely enjoying the moment, waving to the spectators, giving me the thumbs up, and making sure I was following his every move in the game.  It was hysterical. We are back on the field again tonight for the semi-finals. I know Wingnut Jr. is dreaming of a championship run.  I guess it isn't out of the realm of possibility. Print Friendly and PDF

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