Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Old

Wingnut and I are feeling tired and broken down.  I guess we're getting old.  Neither of us feels refreshed in the morning.  Instead we feel exhausted and in pain.  We think it's the bed.  Lucky for us the local Tempurpedic store needed to move its premium floor model to make room for an upgraded model.  We tried it and a couple other models on two different occasions and spent a good long time on each bed.  We both really loved The Grand Bed and we loved getting it at nearly 50% off with a full warranty (less the time it was on the floor which was around 1 year).  I'm expecting a miracle.  I'm expecting to wake up refreshed and pain free.  Lil' Lamb and I napped on it after it arrived and I slept hard. My hip still ached, but I'm thinking hoping it will just take a little time to work the kinks out.  Its rather an expensive and long term mistake to make if this bed doesn't give me the results I'm hoping for.

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