Friday, July 5, 2013

I ❤ Utah

It has been forever and a day since we have lived in a state/county/city that allowed the buying and setting off of fireworks.  In Utah they sell fireworks in the grocery store beginning in June.  You can purchase sparklers, smoke bombs, and pop caps all summer long and as the 4th approaches the offerings expand to fountains, firecrackers, and aerials.

We had planned to drive to a local town to watch a firework display, but then our neighbors invited us over to enjoy their fireworks.  We jumped at the chance to watch from our own neighborhood and avoid the drive, late night, unknown traffic conditions, and an exhausted toddler who hadn't had a nap.  It was a lot of fun and the kids loved being up close to the display.

I've been working on improving my photography skills in various conditions and managed to get a few fairly nice shots of the fireworks last night.  There is definitely room for improvement. I need to work on framing and next time I will get out my tripod and remote release, but I'm fairly pleased with the results.

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