Monday, October 8, 2012

The Frustrations of Dealing with Government Agencies

Does anyone really believe the government can run business better than the private sector?  I know I sure don't.  Just this morning I've had to deal with two separate government run agencies and their endless rules and ineffeciencies.

Karate Kid has a concussion.  She was treated in an emergency room back east, but she's here in Utah this week.  I wanted her to be checked out by our family doctor in town, but the lovely government run healthcare we receive through Wingnut's VA benefits, will not allow her to see our family doctor.  You see, she's enrolled in Tricare North and has a primary care provider in that region, whom she has never seen and as a result has not established care with her.  Without a referral from this doctor in that region, Karate Kid cannot see our doctor out west.  I can, however, take her to an emergency room here without prior approval.  That's great, except, she may need continuing care or care from a specialist and the emergency room here cannot refer her to a specialist in the East without her getting approval from her primary care provider in the North region.  Welcome to the beautiful bureaucracy of government run healthcare.

The JayP has been eligible to take the driving portion of his driver's license for nearly three weeks and we cannot manage to get an appointment for him.  The lovely Utah DMV is open only Monday-Friday and has the very inconvenient  hours of 8 am to 5 pm.  They stop testing at 4:30.  JayP is in school Monday-Friday from 7:50 to 3 pm, giving us a window of only an hour and a half.  The appointments are booked from now until the end of the world.  Well, it's not quite that bad. I did schedule an appointment 3 weeks ago for next Tuesday.  There is an office about 45 miles from us that isn't quite so bogged down, but it is incredibly inconvenient.  JayP has Friday off from school and so I tried to schedule an appointment with this remote DMV.  Of course, they are closed today.  It's Columbus Day for goodness sake.  I'm sure by tomorrow morning all the available appointments on Friday will be filled.  At least we have the appointment on the 16th.  Good grief.

Wingnut has had the nearly daily frustration of dealing with the VA.  Drudge linked to a story that VA disability claims are backlogged 179% under Obama.  Hooray for government healthcare!  We get letters weekly from the VA apologizing for the uncharacteristic backlog in claims processing.  Well, at least we expected the VA would be inefficient when Wingnut retired.  It's still frustrating and irritating to have to deal with all the bureaucracy, and we are still new to the whole retiree thing.  I don't expect it will get any better over time.  Do you think we'll just learn to be more patient? Print Friendly and PDF


Tonya said...

Government run anything is proven to be inefficient. Why do people not get that?

Anonymous said...

Geez, where did the concussion come from?!
Let is know if you all need help.

momto8blog said...

yep...I completely understand this post.