Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cream of Tomato Basil Soup

I love cream of anything soup, but it will still be awhile before I can eat dairy due to Lil' Lamb's dairy allergy (ahem, yes he is still nursing and showing no signs of giving it up anytime soon). It was a chilly afternoon yesterday and I was craving tomato soup. I had a can of whole peeled tomatoes in the pantry so I thought I'd go for it and create my own bovine dairy-free version of cream of tomato soup. It turned out pretty yummy. Even the girls had a bowl with me. Best if all, this recipe is only 95 calories per serving, allowing for one to indulge in a super cheesy grilled cheese to go along. I had to skip the grilled cheese, but I did enjoy dipping Wheat Thins into the tangy soup.

Cream of Tomato Basil Soup

28 ounce can whole, peeled tomatoes
8 ounces plain goat milk yogurt
1 TBSP olive oil
2 gloves garlic, minced
1 tsp dried basil
Salt and pepper to taste

Purée tomatoes in a blender. Heat oil and garlic in a sauce pan over medium heat. When garlic begins to sizzle add puréed tomatoes and remaining ingredients and stir together. Heat to a warm simmer, stirring constantly and adjust seasonings as desired. Serve with crumbled goat cheese.

I used what I had on hand, but I think this simple version can be elevated further by using roasted whole tomatoes and fresh basil. I might even top with some browned and crumbled bacon pieces and/or Chipotle Tabasco Sauce.

I took the posted photo without much thought. Seeing it now, I realize I could really use a little work on the food photography. Maybe a good set up with a back drop and better lighting, as well as some nicer looking dishes. Print Friendly and PDF

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