Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All is Well

Obviously, as we live in Utah, we did not feel the effects of Sandy. We do still own a home in Maryland, and two of our daughters are in school in that general area.

Out tenants are from Idaho, and they were really worried about the storm. They made some smart preparations, for which we are grateful. They tightened up the screen door and secured a loose gutter on the house. Thankfully, they never lost power and it seems the house and the family weathered the storm well.

I received an "all's well" email from one of the sisters at the Aspirancy in Pennsylvania. While monitoring the weather, it looked to me they had some pretty powerful winds in and around Philly. They also survived the storm with no loss of power or damage to the house.

I messaged our oldest daughter throughout the day yesterday. They were without power off and on during the storm, but the school has generators powering hallway and bathroom lights. She was just thankful to have classes cancelled for a couple days. She's been battling tonsillitis and needed a few extra days of rest. Thank you Sandy for that one small blessing,

We do have many friends on the East Coast, and while it seems most faired well, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have severely damaged or lost property. It looks like it could be many months or years before those hardest hit areas recover fully. Print Friendly and PDF

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