Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Insurance Company Has Got to Hate Us by Now

It seems the last two years we have had more than our fair share of medical issues and no one in our family has been unscathed.

Our newest insurance claims are for Oleander, once again, for a knee issue.  She's had x-rays, physical therapy, a consult with an orthopaedic doctor, and an MRI.  So far, all they've discovered is inflammation of the ligaments surrounding her knee and a little fluid under the knee cap.  We are now thinking it may be related to her Lymes diagnosis.

The JayP sprained his ankle during baseball season, but after a little rest he seemed to mend without the need for a visit to the doctor's office.  Unfortunately, while playing a little football he badly sprained his ankle again.  After an x-ray of his foot, the doctor feels he very well may have a fracture of his ankle.  We are awaiting a definitive diagnosis from the radiologist.  Until then, he's gimping around on a boot and using crutches.

I've lost count of the doctors' bills and insurance claims.  It's been a crazy year, and I am thankful we do have fairly decent medical coverage!  I wonder and worry what might happen to the quality and availability of care once Obamacare kicks in.  I do know our Tricare premiums and co-pays were recently raised. Print Friendly and PDF


Michelle said...

I sprained my ankle badly when I was about 9 and 30+ years later can attest that all foot/ankle problems I have had have been on that foot. I think there's just a permanent weakness. My last doc had the same issue and he recommended an ankle stabilizing brace to be worn during all physical activities. I haven't gotten one yet (he told me to wait until after the baby was born...thanks for the reminder). So, after JayP heals, consider looking into something to help prevent the next injury.

Maurisa said...

Thanks, Michelle! We have been looking into getting ankle braces for JP. Basketball season starts soon, as long as he's cleared to play :)

Wandering Heart said...

Yay for health insurance! I hope you all get better soon and STAY better!