{P, H, F, R} March 15

round button chicken


I love this photo of the lone totem in Montana.


The cousins were so excited to see each other.  Here's my monkey Skoshi A with her equally silly monkey cousin.  They all had such a wonderful time with each other.  I'm so glad they are close.  There's very little that trumps family.


I'm not sure what my dad said to Lil' Lamb, but whatever it was, Lil' Lamb didn't like it a single bit. Just look at that face.


After a while, Lil' Lamb was done with all the visiting.  Once he'd reached his saturation point the only way to keep him happy was to take him outside and away from the crowd.  He was perfectly happy watching the "rodeo" through the window.


Leila said…
Isn't it funny how their little personalities are so strong? What a cutie.

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