Hitting the Pavement

It's been nearly 2 years since I've been able to run regularly.  I was running 4 miles several times a week and was slowly working my way up to 5 when I developed an injury in my calf muscle.  Once that healed, we happily discovered we were pregnant with Lil' Lamb. Running was put on the back burner, as was any sort of working out.  When pregnant, I truly hibernate my way through the entire 9 months.  Once Lil' Lamb arrived, I knew it would be several months before I'd be back to running.  I set a goal to begin once he was 9 months old; old enough to ride in a jogging stroller.  Alas, 9 months came and so did our move to Utah.  Settling into our new home and our new life became the priority.

Mercifully, despite not working out, I lost all my pregnancy weight.  Over the last few months, the pounds have been slowly creeping back on.  Certainly, I have no dreams or aspirations to be a size 4, but I certainly do not want to find myself back where I was 5 years ago after having Lil' Wingnut!

We are now settled and have some semblance of a schedule we follow.  The excuses have run out.  The new jogging stroller arrived Friday afternoon.  Saturday I hit the pavement for the first time and it felt completely crumby. Thankfully, Lil' Lamb seemed to love the ride.  I'm sure after a few more ventures out, I'll feel back in the grove.

I'm using the Couch to 5K program.  I think it will fit my busy life.  It requires only 30 minutes 3 times a week and hopefully by the end of 9 weeks I'll be running 5k. On off days, I've decided to use the P90X Stretch DVD.  I love stretching, it takes me back to my dancing roots.  This morning I actually felt pretty wonderful and pain free, so I'm sure a good stretching regiment is what my bod needs.

As Lil' Lamb continues to mature and can handle more time away from me, I'm hoping I can bring my running up to 10K.  Until then, I am just happy to be moving once again.


I am doing Couch to 5K too. It is so wonderful and flexible, I might have to look into that P90x dvd...once upon a time I was a dancer too! :)
Tonya said…
Yay Mau!! I'm training for a 1/2 marathon, just to force myself out the door again. I'll have to pull out our P90X stretching video - Eric needs it!!

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