{P, H, F, R} The Lil' Lamb Edition

round button chicken

Today's post is brought to you by Lil' Lamb.


Just look at that pretty little face.  He has the most beautiful eyes and long dark lashes. 

I love his pretty little chubby feet.  Just look at those little sausages he calls toes.


He couldn't be happier toddling around the yard.  Happiness is begin outside.


He's beginning to recognize when he's being funny.  Look at that self satisfied grin. 

He played in the basket most of the morning.


It's not long before he comes for the camera when I have it aimed at him.  I have tons of these "oh, too close" shots of him trying to grab the camera.  


Tracy C. said…
oh he is a darling lamb (with yummy looking toes!)
Leila said…
Great post, cute baby! Thanks for joining!

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