Gov'ment, Sure do Take a Bite, Don't She

After countless hours and two different online based programs, Wingnut has successfully filed the 2011 taxes.

Yearly, it is an exercise in complete hair pulling frustration, but even more so this year. With a daughter in college, a job search, moving, and renting out our Maryland home, filing this year was that much more complicated. Wingnut has so much more patience than I do. I would have taken the much simpler approach and not even bothered with the extra complications and time. I understand his motivation though. He doesn't want the government to have a single dime more than it can already take from us.

The tax code certainly could be much more straight forward. It shouldn't take two programs, plus the IRS website to figure out what deductions we can or cannot take. There were occasions when none of the sites couldn't give a cogent answer.

Wingnut finished up our taxes using H& RBlock's program because it was free and found $100 extra in refund cash. Turbo Tax would have charged us $79 to file, but their walk through of several deductions was so much easier to follow and understand. Wingnut wrote a lukewarm at best review for H&R Block. I don't imagine it will make any difference next year.


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