The JayP had a 4 day weekend, so on Thursday after school we loaded up the 12 passenger and headed to my home town.  My grandmother is 101 and had a bit of a health scare around Christmas, so my goal was to get in as much of a visit with her as possible.  Until about 3 months ago, GG, as we have lovingly nicknamed her, lived on her own in the house she and my grandfather built in the mid-1940s.  She has obviously been blessed with great health, longevity and independence, but with her decreased mobility, it was decided she needed to move to an assisted living community home.  On Friday evening I took Lil' Lamb up to meet his great-grandma.  She was thrilled and he was appropriately curious and naughty (she loves a little spunk in the kids).  I was able to convince her to venture out to my brother's house for a luncheon with the whole family on Saturday.  She wasn't sure at first, but we believe she had a wonderful time, when all was said and done.

GG's smile lights up the whole room.  I'm sure she's laughing at the antics of one of the children.  She affectionately calls our family gatherings "The Rodeo".

It's amazing to realize 100 years separates GG and Lil' Lamb.

Lil' Wingnut is such a little lover.  He didn't hesitate to give GG a big hug and he spent a fair amount of time sidling up to her.

GG was telling stories from her life.  She recalls an incredible amount of details.  Here she was telling my sister what she remembered about hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor.  She and my grandfather had been building on the house and had decided they would take a little trip out to see her parents.  It was a cool misty day and as they drove out to the farm, he turned on the car radio and they heard the news Pearl Harbor had been bombed.  GG recalls she was really frightened by it all.

A rare photo of yours truly :)

On Sunday I took the children to visit GG in her new home.  It's a fairly nice place and the staff are helpful and friendly.  We were given a nice sitting room with a fire place to visit.  


Sarah Oldham said…
Awww, this was such a darling, sweet post!!!!! Glad you got to spend valuable and precious time with her. Your kids won't ever forget it.

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