Friday, January 14, 2011

Mo's Boys

Leo is head down and we did not have to do anything more drastic than take a few doses of Pulsatilla and lie on the floor with hips raised above my shoulders for ten minutes at a pop, twice a day. Now he needs to stay there. His little head wasn't engaged and was free floating there for a few days, but I definitely felt his noggin fully engage yesterday while I was shopping at the commissary. Can you say, "YEOW!"

You, my fine readers, were not much help in coming up with a new nickname for Stat Boy (although he and I did get the biggest kick out of Party of Eight's offering of Uncle Rico). The boy no longer thinks Stat Boy best represents who he is. Apparently, it's just too nerdy. Whatever. Solution: let him choose his own moniker. He's happy with being referred to as JayP. I'll play along, but it sounds just as nerdy to me.

Lil' Wingnut is growing up and breaking my heart. The little man, who once burst into tears at the thought of one day leaving me, found another woman. She was the runner-up winner on Wipeout(our cold-blooded kids love that show) last evening. A cute little blond hussy named Tiffany. He actually said she was prettier than me and then in a pathetic offering to me said, "Sorry about that, Mom." He still has no intention of leaving my house. He's just going to bring that other woman into my house. Yeah, that's going to work. I've got my eye on you, Tiffany.

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Katie said...

LOL! That wingnut is a cutie!

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

First of all LT...Little Tiger...has a free floating head??? I thought I was the only one who had that. I can definitely say YEOW but can't relate to as to why. When it comes to StatNut...He is a nerd. The only thing on him that is more than nerdy is that he is smelly!!! (GO HAWKS StatNut!!!!) Sorry my man but I cannot call you JayP...reminds me of JayZ too much and you are a far superior human being to be reminding me of that. Now to Lil need to cool dem jets!!! Granted Tiffany might be better looking than my is impossible for me to see her as good looking simply because it just weirds me out and I know would weird her out too...Little buddy you cannot bring Tiffany over to the house. Even though your little heart feels like it is in love it is just a mirage. You have nothing in common with her...well she may have asked for a cannon for Christmas once or twice but that's not a good way to base a relationship. Listen to your mom on this one. Don't create more tears for her because you want to joust at windmills...or girls who like to get launched off of them on national TV.

Love Ya Mau,


Tonya said...

Little Wingnut is just too cute. As for JayP, ummm, no clues as a better name for him. And you do call him JayP sort of. (Why does JayP sound different than JP?)

Our Family said...

LOL, Lil Wingnut is hilarious.

aka the Mom said...

Yay on baby headed in the right direction!

I'm with you on the names. One is just as nerdy as the other, but there is no explaining the teenage mind.

As for that hussy, Tiffany, I'm watching her too!