Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In No Hurry

Baby Leo is still hanging out, in utero, enjoying a few more warm days in the oven. Moving day is fast approaching for the little guy and contractions, waddling, discomfort, cleaning, packing, napping, and wild swings of hormones fill my days. My bag is packed, birthing room is chosen, our bedroom/my sanctuary is about as immaculate as a room can get. Funny, I'm not yet in a frantic hurry to welcome the little guy. We just have too much going on.

Karate Kid was awarded a generous scholarship to Mount Saint Mary's University, and was invited to participate in a competition for 2 full scholarships. She and I made the trek to Emmittsburg Sunday morning for the written exam. That would have been a very bad day for Leo to choose to arrive.

JayP has had a completely full social schedule, especially with all his involvement in our parish youth group. He and Karate Kid joined 27,000 young people at the Verizon Center yesterday for the Youth Mass, Rally, and March for Life. They had an amazing time. He's also busy helping plan the annual lock-in for the youth group coming up this weekend. Yesterday would have been a bad day for Leo to choose to arrive. If he comes this weekend, that will definitely throw a wrench into JayP's much anticipated weekend plans.

Oleander was chosen as a first alternate in the annual Flute Society of Washington student competition. Essentially, that means she took 4th place overall and may have a chance to compete for a top 3 spot if one of the top 3 need to drop out of the competition. The Flute Fair is in mid-February, so she is extremely busy preparing her piece as well as rehearsing on Saturday mornings with the flute choir that will perform at the fair. Leo can't come on a Saturday.

Skoshi A and Special K are working hard preparing pieces for their piano competition in early March. They need every lesson and rehearsal opportunity they can get to ensure they are well prepared. Leo, baby boy, Tuesdays are no good either.

My sister arrives on Thursday, hoping to catch Leo's birth. Leo, you need to hold on until at least Thursday night.

This little one will be entering the busy lives of our busy little family. It will be good for us all to slow down, set aside our full schedule, and enjoy the gift of our new family member. We're just waiting on him.

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Party of Nine said...

Beautiful post! And he will fit in just perfectly :)

Tonya said...

Yay for your #1 child! Busy busy life for all of you. I forgot to tell you that Beka is now taking flute lessons. We miss you guys.

Our Family said...

Thursday is a good day, it's Inch's B-Day ;)

Dawn said...

Prayers that he'll arrive at the perfect time. The one that is set aside just for him. Prayers for a quick delivery/recovery and a healthy baby. Only God knows the day and time. It has been set aside from the beginning.
Blessings Maurisa!

Sarah Oldham said...

What Dawn said.

Anyway, this kid has it made with a wonderful family such as yourselves. congrats on all the family successes!