Friday, January 21, 2011


This may come as a complete surprise to many of my readers that also know me in person, but I have a confession to make. My family and I are not and have never been above appreciating, what I call the lowest form of humor. Yes, we enjoy a good ol' pooh joke from time to time. Recently my mother sent a link to an online cartoon set to the music of "Splish Splash", in which a baby sings about p**ping in the tub. I laughed my head off. Our kids watched it multiple times, the laughter hardly dying down with each new viewing. Embarrassing, I know, and as she sent it to my siblings, I had no one left to forward it to, much to my chagrin. Although I think I know a family or two that may have appreciated it.

My siblings and I have always played practical jokes on each other. The type of jokes only we would appreciate. As kids we used to booby trap each other's beds and we never limited ourselves to just the tried and true short-sheeting. We were known to leave vaseline on sheets, pinecones under the covers, and straight pins sticking straight up through the fitted bottom sheet. Some may find our pranks downright mean, but we found it absolutely hysterical.

As adults, it is well known that I am the most uncool and least funny of the three of us. Our brother, who often leaves humorous comments here on my blog, is the funny one as long as he doesn't go too far and become downright offensive. Our sister is the cool one. Not only is she hip, she is really a joy to be around and everyone looks forward to having her visit. She's even a favorite of Wingnut. I am the bossy one, constantly telling everyone what to do and how to do it. The school marm aunt that corrects the grammar and spelling of her nieces and nephews on Facebook.

This week I turned the tables on them all and pulled a prank that my sister declares made her a very proud sibling. Sissy has a terrible habit of never logging off her accounts when she comes to visit. She was here in November and had used our computers to check email and update her Facebook account. Before she left, she neglected to logoff her Facebook account from one of our computers that is rarely used. The other day, I decided to use the rarely used computer to check my Facebook account. Lo and behold, I discovered her mistake and I made her pay. I updated her status to read "I play in my p**p." Yup, I completely stooped to potty humor. My kids were in hysterics. Suddenly I was the cool one. It was an absolute power rush. It was all I could do to just sit back and watch the effects of my handiwork. Her status was up on Facebook for hours before my sister discovered it and the comments she was getting continued to add to the hilarity. Her own husband and our dad left scathing remarks, elevating the prank to all new levels. I could not stop laughing. Finally, after a call from our dad, Sissy discovered the joke and immediately texted me, asking if our 15 year old son had hacked into her account. I reassured her he was not smart enough to do such a thing. I began leaving hints for her in the comments of her status. She still did not catch on. In the end I had to come out directly and admit that it was indeed me and not JayP responsible for impersonating her. She was duly impressed, but did make it very clear that payback is a b@#$%. I sure hope it was worth it. In anticipation of Leo's impending arrival, my sister is coming to help out next week. I am hoping for mercy.
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Dawn said...

That's hilarious! But made me wish my sister was here too. Great job on the prank!

momto5minnies said...

LOL ... that is funny!

I'm also the grammar/spelling nut in my family. Maybe I should have been a teacher. Oh yeah ... I am one!

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you Sis! But I will get you back! HEHEHEEEE!

Party of Nine said...

Hilarious!! Send me the link to the funny youtube :)

Maurisa said...

Oh, Party of Nine, you were the family I was thinking of. The link is actually embedded in this post if you click on Splish Splash, but I'll email it to you too.

maxbrucewell said...


I'm so proud of you! How funny!

Love Dad

Maia said...

I wanna live in your house! Too funny!

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Sorry I did not have time to leave my mark on Friday...way too busy...but now I do so HERE WE GO!!! First of all Maia...what are you talking about? Did you not pay attention to the meniacal humor and behavior my sisters bring to the table?!?! And you want to live in HER house??? I can tell you that I was the most frequent recipient of my sisters' creativity when it came to the "practical jokes" let's just say they were picaso and I was their muse. The joking got the point where they took all of my clothes from my dresser and stuck them in the back of my dad's truck which sat outside...needless to say it rained and my clothes got soaked..all of them. So if Maia if you think being on the wrong end of that stick seems "fun" more power to you. my wonderful yet forgetful sister Angela...not to be mistaken with the sweet and beautiful Angelina The Ballerina...GREAT JOB!!! Leaving your FB logged in for your older sister to spread p*#p...oh I mean lies...oooops when your were in diapers you did use to spread your canure (that's what you used to call it) all over your crib and walls like you were throwing pottery. If my fellow readers think I'm lying just ask the owner of this very blog about verifying that fact. So Maurisa wasn't really "Joking" about your p*#p she was just fact checking...and finally you Mau...I love have always taken good care of me even though you can be quite bossy. But I have to say that your P#@p prank on Ang was AWESOME!!! I would have got on there and typed something sarcastic but the play with p#@p was sooo perfect. You have elevated your cool status big time!!!

Love Ya Mau,