Monday, January 31, 2011

The Plague

We were hit hard with influenza last week. Special K went down on Tuesday and it was a steady fall of dominoes through most of the family the remainder of the week. Thankfully, Leo was very cooperative and decided to lay low and ride out the bug in the safest place possible. As of this morning, we have mostly returned to normal temps. We're all a bit washed out, congested, and woozy, but on the mend. We'll be lying low for a couple more days and sparing the world from the plague.

We've enjoyed seeing all the comments guessing at Leo's arrival date, time, and weight. I will be closing comments now, as several of your guesses have come and gone.

Keep us in your prayers. Hopefully we'll be loving on our new little guy very, very soon! Print Friendly and PDF


Party of Nine said...

I'm glad you all are on the mend. I love your little Leo baby swimming around on the side...with 0 days to go!!! Good luck, girl. Any day now and we all can't wait to hear the good news :)

Anonymous said...

thanks alot I wanted to coment but meany mommy decided to bloch all futer coments

skoshie A

sorry for bad spelling