Monday, January 3, 2011

Of Wise Men, Fools, and Cannons

A tradition in our family is for the children to receive one last gift on the Feast of Epiphany. Saturday evening, Lil' Wingnut expressed his desire for a cannon on Epiphany. We basically ignored his request. The morning of Epiphany, he once again expressed his hope for a cannon, to which I responded, "I didn't get you a cannon. You only asked for one last night, and I had already done the Epiphany shopping. I did pick something really cool for you though."

For another 15 minutes or so, the lil' guy moped around the house, moaning and groaning about his cannon. "You probably got swords or guns or something. Whatever!"

Having had enough of his nonsense, I finally told the boy, "You're too young for a cannon. You need to be 12 to own a cannon."

"Really? Why do I have to be 12?"

"It's against the law for little boys to own cannons. 12 year olds are much more responsible than 4 year olds."

Believe it or not, this seemed to appease him. He then began asking if his older siblings were old enough for cannons, to which I responded they were, but they hadn't asked for cannons.

He seems pretty placated about the cannon now. I was feeling triumphant in my ability to outsmart the boy, although I do feel like a bad mom for lying. Of course, Wingnut pointed out how I'm a bad mother for having been outsmarted by the lil' guy once again. He would have just told him, "A cannon? No, you can't have one of those."
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Anonymous said...

You do realize, don't you, that it eight years, he will once again be requesting a cannon? ;-D

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Way to go Queen Softy...thanks for giving me plenty of Cannon Fodder to start the New Year off with a Bang...hahahahahahahaha...Here is a top 10 list of better responses than yours...Mrs. Staypuff!!!!

10. If you can carry it then I will buy it!
9. If you want a cannon then you will love the Playdough barbershop I actually bought you!
8. Uhhhh...NO!
7. They stopped making cannons after the Civil war...if you would have said howitzer then I might have bought you one.
6. If you get dummer then I will think of buying you one!
5. A cannon??? Oh I thought you wanted a container of Dannon yogurt...oops...Happy Epiphany!!! I hope you like blueberry!
4. Uhhhh...NO
3. Instead of a loud cannon how about a nice quiet drum set?
2. If you get a cannon and shoot it off our government will think its under attack and order an air strike...that would really upset the neighbors.
1. You'll shoot your eye out kid!

Man Mau...I can't believe you let it get that far!!!

Love Ya Mau

Happy 2011 everyone!!!


Maurisa said...

Dear brother,

This is probably the best and funniest comment you've left in a while.

Love ya!