Monday, August 16, 2010

Take Up Your Cross and Stop Whining

The blogs listed in my sidebar I visit or read most everyday. There are a handful of other blogs I visit occasionally. I had a little free time this weekend and so I did a little catch up reading. One blog in particular caught my attention. This blogger, a faithful Catholic, has been in crisis of faith mode for sometime and I've been praying for her as she comes to mind. Her last blog post left me feeling pity and sorrow for her at first, and I nearly left a sympathetic message for her in her combox before I hesitated and thought possibly what she really needs at this moment is a good kick in the backside.

Who here has ever read that our Heavenly Father promised us a happy, pain-free, easy life? He hasn't. Even when we pray and beg for him to spare us from suffering, we have never been promised that he will indeed spare us. His plan is His own. We are not privy to it. Who are we to question his Will? So we've prayed and begged for Him to remove a cross for us and he has not done so, what do we do with it? We stop our whining, pick up that cross, and pray for the grace to carry it to the end. His own Son was not spared the cross, who are we to expect it? It is an act of faith, of hope, and of love. He has asked this of us. Accepting our crosses with humility does indeed lessen their burden. Oh God, help me to accept the crosses I'm given without complaint.
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momto5minnies said...

Well you might not want to read my post today (LOL). I get what you are saying. We need God and we need to pray, but I also know we need to take action (on our part) too. I try not to whine too much, but every once in a while I know it slips through.

Maurisa said...

Ah, Elaine, we all whine now and again, and to a certain extent whining can be a relief, especially when it falls on sympathetic ears. I should have been a bit more clear that the whine I was reading was more of a rail on God than a simple whine.

Natalie said...

I agree that every now and then a good kick in the pants is needed. What I find interesting is that God gave us freewill and that means most of the crosses we bear is because we choose to carry them. I try not to whine about those choices and instead learn from them and carry them to the best of my ability.

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

I think a swift kick in the shorts can be an effective tool dependant on the receiver. They may have too much padding on their hindquarters which can envelope the impact of the foot but do little to get their attention. Others may have buns of steel which will only damage the foot and bring zero change. The third form of buttocks are too small. You can easily pull a hammy or other muscle during a full follow-through. You are expecting impact while all you get is air and have problems!
Seriously though...I find that God is a tough teacher...He gives us the test first and the lesson later. He is far more consumed with us experiencing the wonders of His Kingdom (which are eternal) and less about temporary gratification. We experience "bad" things because we are fallen people living in a corrupted world. God wants us to experience shalom or wholeness here on earth which means seeing "painful" experiences as opportunities of being blessed like it says in the beattitudes.

Love Ya Mau...keep kicking them hinnies!!!


Dawn said...

aw c'mon! That cross is heavy! ;)