Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Skoshi A

11 years ago today a little ray of sunshine was born into our family. What a joy it has been to watch her grow. She has been the source of laughter since the moment of her arrival. Not only does she keep us all smiling, she has become absolutely indispensable as a caretaker of the little ones. I've come to depend upon her so completely that I just recently offered her our 7th born if she would promise to never leave us :)

A most happy and blessed birthday, little clown. We love you! Print Friendly and PDF


Our Family said...

Happy Birthday A.
Love & prayers,
from all of us

Party of Nine said...

Happy Birthday Skoshi A!!!

Walt said...

Angelina the Ballerina!!!

Happy Birthday to you KID!!!!!

Your Uncle, Aunt, Sawyer, Jaylee and Abby all love ya girl!

Love Ya Angelina the Ballerina


Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to my "mini-me" :-) You are always very helpful and sweet and pretty much game for anything. Plus you are awesome at coming up with great conversation topics ;-)


The Karate Kid

Anonymous said...

why did you use that picture you're so mean!

Skoshi A

maxbrucewell said...

Happy birthday lovely Angela Rose thank you for all the joy you bring to the world. God's continued blessings on you!
With all the love in the world!

Mad Max