Friday, August 6, 2010

5 Favorite Devotions

Normally I don't participate in memes, but as this one has real meaning I think I will join in. One of my favorite and one of the most talented Catholic bloggers, the Mom, tagged me, asking what my 5 favorite devotions are. Being a convert I had to think about this a bit, but my thinking is that devotions can really be quite a broad category, right? Anyhoo, without further eloquence and in no particular order:

1) The family rosary
2) Adoration and Benediction (my absolute favorite prayer is The Divine Praises)
3) The Most Sacred Heart
4) Morning prayers from Magnificat Magazine
5) The prayer to Saint Michael

To complete this meme, I need to tag 5 more bloggers. My feelings won't be hurt if y'all choose not to participate :)

Dawn from A Helping Hand
Ute and Maia from Flowers Round the Cross
Katherine from Having Left the Altar

My brother, I know you are not Catholic, but you are welcome to post your favorite "separated brethren" devotions in the comments today. I wouldn't want you to feel left out ;)

*I will post the final meditation from the Sorrowful Mysteries a bit later today, but in the meantime, I must do some grocery shopping at the dreaded commissary :(

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aka the Mom said...

Thank you for doing it, and for your nice words about me. You really didn't have to do either one, but I'm glad you did! :)

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

I might be separated but I am sure talented at commenting on your blog and kinda cute too! Being Protestant like I am I am unfamiliar with the differnt devotionals that the Church practices. So I am left at a disadvantage when it comes to providing names of devotionals that would translate over. So I will through out my 5 and you can mock me for totally missing the point...
1. Our Daily has a differnt theme, scripture passage and thought provocting anecdote. Goes well with a good cheese and wine pairing too!
2. Writings of NT Wright...he is Anglican and focuses on the historical context of scripture and exploring how the culture understanding of the day influenced what the authors wrote. He also uses a lot of big words which makes me feel smarter when I read them and have no clue what they mean.
3. The book of John...No other New Testament book takes us from the creation story through the life and ministry of Jesus. I have a hard time with the whole love message because I find it so much easier to be selfish.
4. The book of Proverbs...because the use of wisdom has never been my strong suit.
5. My sister's blog...because no one strives to incorporate their spritual beliefs and practices into their daily life more than my sister...truly inspires me! Also...cause I religiously read it every day!

Love ya Mau


Maurisa said...

Hey, brother, very well done. I'm impressed. I'll let the last one slip as you had to get your funny on, and it was all about ME! Love you!

Sarah Oldham said...

You're brother is a real gem, Maurisa!!! I love his book of John comment . . . he he he!!!

I'll participate. This is the second 'tap' I've been given for this one . . . I'll try and post it tonight (or later).

Sarah Oldham said...

Done. I went straight to it, having nothing else pressing me for time.