Monday, August 2, 2010

Now That's What I Call Educational

Lil' Wingnut received a new game for his leapster on his 4th birthday. It really came in handy on our trip to Florida in July and he is still playing it. I mentioned to Wingnut what a great purchase the game was. He scoffed and said he believed the boy had figured out that all the other games were educational and that was the reason he loved this game so much.

"No, really, this game has educational activities," I assured him.

He asked Special K, "What kind of educational material does the new leapster game have?"

To which she replied, "Wha?"

"What kind of learning games does it have?" I asked.

"Oh! It has math and matching and how to wash a dog, " she replied.

"Yeah, and doggie dress-up!" added Lil' Wingnut.

Yep, that's educational alright.
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1 comment:

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Are you kidding me??? Doggy Dress-up??? That is educational! Think about it...people obsess over their pets more than ever to the point that they have reached beyond human status in some cases. On a pet blog it stated that in 2007 over $41 BILLION dollars was spent on pets. Don't you think Lil Wingster should have a slice of that really big chocolate cream pie?!? Math is good to learn, matching...ovrrated but good for the old memory; washing the dog...hmmmm...I don't know the educational prowess of that activity but it can be practical knowledge if you actually have a dog...which you don't (StatNut smells like a dog but lacks other canine traits). What I am saying is don't underestimate the power of doggie fashion. One day the little guy could be dressing the poodle, accessorizing the German Shepherd or painting the nails of a weiner dog and get an inspiration that could lead to tapping into that 41 billion (now probably way more) in doggie dollars. I think that new game (especially if it keeps him entertained for hours) has all the educational material to make him a successful lil wingster!

Love Ya Mau,