Friday, December 19, 2008

Thumbs Up

Having a larger family tends to be pretty conspicuous.  Most everyone notices a woman marching into a store or restaurant with 6 (sometimes 7) children in tow.  Occasionally we get rude stares and even ruder comments, but very often we get noticed in more positive ways.  The most common question I get is, "Are they all yours?"  While I am tempted at times to give a more caustic reply, I always try to smile and answer with a simple affirmative.

This afternoon I marched 7 children into our favorite pizza joint for cheese pizza.  The children quickly found two tables and sat down to wait as I ordered their lunch.  A lone diner asked the inevitable question, "Are they all yours?" To which I replied with my usual smile, "All but one." Our questioner then gave me the thumbs up sign along with a huge grin.  Later he approached our table and volunteered he had 6 children of his own and 7 grandchildren.  He then proudly said, "They give you gray hair, but they keep you young."  Thumbs up!

*Family Service Project: Today we helped our co-op with collecting and stuffing 55 pairs of thermal socks for homeless men sponsored by a local parish for the Winter Relief program.
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Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I love it.

You know I only have three and I have been asked if they are all mine often enough to make me caustic in my response. "Any would be too much in some people's opinion." Uff dah. I love it when folks are positive about it!!

Mau said...

Uff dah to you too, my Norwegian sister!

Party of Eight said...

I love it when people are smiling and telling their "I remember when..." stories.

Mary said...

Great post! I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I did a post on this too. It happens SO much to me too- we have 6 under 8 so I am ALWAYS asked if I have a daycare and if its my van or not! I try to think of it as evangelizing :) God bless.