Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm just popping in for a very quick post.

The girls had their first performance yesterday.  They were practically walking on air all afternoon in excitement and anticipation.  My dad and Wingnut went to the performance and were able to pick OJ out by her costume description, but could not figure out where Skoshi A was despite her being on stage for a full 10 minutes.  The angels all look exactly alike and are wearing white wigs (Angela loves the wig and calls herself an old woman).  The Kennedy Center folk and the Joffrey Ballet are all extremely professional and are taking wonderful care of the children. This is really an experience of a lifetime for my little ballerinas.

I'm taking Special K and our little homeschool friend to the matinee today.  I hope I'm able to watch the girls without tearing up too much!

I'll try to get some after performance pictures to post here tomorrow.
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