Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sometimes You Should Just Read the Book

On Christmas Eve we took the children to see The Tale of Despereaux.  We had read several reviews advising folks to skip it, but we very often do not trust reviewers.  Usually we read reviews just to ferret out objectionable material in films.  While the animation and visuals were fantastic, the moral of the story was true and good, and there was absolutely nothing objectionable in the film, we cannot recommend seeing it.  The plot is plodding, disjointed, and never does come to a crescendo nor does it ever quite come together. There were too many sub-plots that did not add to the film and never gelled the way they do in the book. Our older girls have read the book and are fans of Kate DiCamillo.  They were looking forward to seeing this tale come to the big screen. They were sorely disappointed.

As we exited the theater, our eleven year old commented to one of her siblings, "I almost fell asleep!"  Not what one wants to hear after laying down $60 to see a movie with one's family! Print Friendly and PDF


Party of Eight said...

Didn't see it yet, we have read the book, though. We won't waste our $, thanks to the awesome review. (I like all the "lame"'s!)We'll probably get it from netflix when it comes out.

Lady in Blue said...

I would agree. I took my son and his friends for a birthday celebration to see the movie. It was okay, but the book is far better. I was disappointed, but the kids were "okay" with it. They don't get much movie time around here. They may have been happy just to be able to watch a movie! haha