Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Make Advent More Like Advent and Less Like Christmas Idea #5

Idea #5: Advent Buddies

This works very much like "Secret Santa".  We all draw a name from a hat and that person is our Advent Buddy. The mission is to serve our Advent Buddy secretly all throughout Advent.  We might say extra prayers, make little gifts for them, make little sacrifices for them, or do their chores when they least expect it. It's wonderful to see the children looking for ways to serve one another.

*Family Service Project: Wash kitchen cupboards, inside and out.
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Lady in Blue said...

We pick a family each year to receive small gifts (holy cards, stickers, liturgical calendar and a mini nativity) to celebrate advent. We anonymously mail them once a week with a prayer for the week. During advent, we pray for the family and offer masses, rosaries, etc. and make a paper link to add to a paper chain for each intention. We then send the chain in a box for Christmas so the family can see the prayers offered for them. Last year the chain was over 25 ft long!

Mau said...

Wow! Thanks, Lady in Blue! That's a wonderful idea and I'll be putting it into my bag of ideas for Advent for the future.

My point for this one is "Charity begins at home". You know, sometimes it is easier to show kindness and love toward strangers than to those in your own household. Advent Buddy is also very simple and can be begun at any point during Advent with almost no planning or preparation.

Thanks for the idea and have a Blessed Advent!

Lady in Blue said...

Yes, it is easier to be charitable to others. Good point. I will have implement that one too! Thanks for the idea. Advent Blessings.