Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beauty is to Virtue . . .

. . . as ugliness is to sin, was the general lesson from a wonderful homily given several Sundays ago. I've contemplated that message and mulled it over ever since.  It is so true, isn't it and one can find countless examples of both sin and virtue in humanity. 

Is there a more lovely and delightful scene than the Nativity?  In its simplicity, humbleness, and innocence,  I can think of nothing more beautiful or virtuous.  On the other hand, I can fathom nothing more monstrous than abortion.  The destruction of a pure, innocent life and the damage done to the lives of all those involved, from the child's parents, grandparents, siblings, potential siblings, doctors, nurses, etc. is the absolute epitome of ugliness.

Our children are beautiful, especially when they are asleep.  They are so peaceful and guiltless. I love to listen to the sound of their soft, regular breathing and hold their sweet little hands. They are such a perfect example of heavenliness when in that state.  Then there is the hideousness during a temper tantrum, or display of selfishness.  Their little faces contort and twist into ugliness. They wail and gnash their teeth, screaming "NO!"  Even as young as two, they are capable of sin in their disobedience and defiance.

We have a group of lovely, young nuns that often come to Mass in our parish.  They are young, innocent, modest and pure.  Their love, obedience, and devotion exude a pious kind of beauty. Compare their faithful example to those of the idols of the modern world.  Compare them to the hard-living, decadent, and yes, sinful lives of the likes of Brittany Spears, Madonna or Lindsay Lohan.  They may all clean up nicely for the Red Carpet, but have you ever seen more candid paparazzo shots?  They appear incredibly hard and downright ugly.

I'd have to say, the more I think about it, the more I believe Monsignor was on the mark in his homily.  My fervent prayer, after each Mass, it that God may continue to protect the innocence of our children.  I desire for their precious little souls to always be beautiful and pure before God. May you all have a beautiful, Holy and virtuous New Year!
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Dawn said...

My sentiments, exactly! As parents we have no easy task these days of protecting that innocence. Even those we are close to and love sometimes reject the notion of protecting that innocence. Thank you for this post and it's affirmation that our goal as parents is to show our little ones (they will always be our "little" ones) the path to heaven. I miss Monsignor's homilies. Such a good and holy priest. May God Bless him!

Mau said...


This was actually Msgr Kane! As much as I love each and every homily by Msgr Parry, I have to give Msgr Kane the credit for this one ;-)