What I Will Miss Most

One of my favorite bloggers had a bad day yesterday and posted a list of things she won't miss when her brood grows up and moves away and I have to say, I agree with most of it, too.  It can be a good thing to vent our frustrations when we've had one of those days and blogs are a great sounding board, filled with sympathetic voices.  The challenge is reminding ourselves of what we will miss when our children leave home. When you've had one of those frustrating, provoking, and exhausting days remember these are the things you will miss most. . .

Their sweet little sleeping faces and bodies contorted into crazy, uncomfortable positions

That sweet little sigh they make in their sleep

Their need for you to kiss every little boo-boo and make it all better

Sticky, sweet kisses from dirty little faces

The sound of their laughter

The silly jokes, songs and dances they compose to entertain you

Homemade birthday cards

The expressions and mannerisms that remind you of the love of your life

The creative games they come up with that make you want to play along

Their belief in do-overs

The fierce manner in which they protect and stand up for their siblings, family, and friends

Their black and white understanding of right and wrong

Their innate sense of justice

Their complete innocence

Their simple, unquestioning faith

Funny mispronunciations, misspellings, and misunderstandings

Overheard conversations between brothers and sisters who really do love each other, despite what they want you to believe

The everyday beauty and joy they find in ordinary things

The absolute love, adoration, and devotion they have for a new baby brother or sister. . .

What will you miss most, as your children leave the nest to begin lives of their own?


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