Weigh Down

In my married life, I have never seriously tried to lose weight, even though after 7 pregnancies I have put on more than 40 pounds, since our wedding day.  After watching several close
family members lose weight using liquid diets, pills, specialized packaged foods, fad diets and other drastic measures, I swore if I ever was going to lose weight I would do it right, once, and for good.  I'm not saying we've never been on a health kick around here, cutting out sugar, eating more veggies, or upping our fiber intake, but I've never been on  what one would consider a restrictive or conventional diet.

This last spring I found myself gaining weight for no explainable reason (i.e. I wasn't pregnant) and that had never happened before.  I was beginning to feel weighed down and unwell.  I lacked energy and I was having trouble sleeping.  I decided, maybe I should do something about it.  I wanted to stay healthy and young enough to enjoy my children and I could no longer keep up with them the way I was.  

I bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers Online in early June.  I chose the Flex Plan with the point tracking system and I dove right in.  Thankfully, I'm still nursing our two year old so I'm allowed several more points than if I weren't nursing.  I think I'd starve to death if I didn't have those extra calories!  I began taking long walks in the morning and worked up to almost 4 miles a day, along with some light weight training on days when I don't have enough time to walk.

I've lost 20 pounds since beginning this journey and I've learned a lot about myself and food.  It is all about eating less and exercising, stupid!  I learned I don't need to serve myself such large portions at dinner, I don't really like french fries, a lot of butter, sauces and dressings, and a little bit of dessert can be very satisfying. The nicest aspect of the Flex Point System is I did not have to change the way I cook or deny myself or my family good food (I love to cook from scratch and with real ingredients).  I just needed to reduce the portions of what I ate and get some moderate exercise throughout the week.   I'm not deluding myself that I will achieve the same size I was when Wingnut and I got married, but I will be at a much healthier weight for my children and grandchildren, God willing.  I can't tell you how much stronger, energized, and well rested I feel.


Tonya said…
I'm so proud of you! WOW - 20 pounds. That is great! Glad you feel better and have found it to be manageable. I may need to consult with you for help in a few months. Right now I'm hoping that nursing alone will help drop the pounds. :-)
Anonymous said…
Don't I know how you feel!I'm so very proud of you! Keep it up sis!

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