School Daze

So we are two days into the school year and so far, so good.  We decided to ease into it which seems to be paying off.  There has been very little frustration and minimum wailing and gnashing of teeth. We are focusing on getting a good start on math and english and will add our other subjects as we go along.  My main challenge is keeping our vociferous toddler happy and quiet, without resorting to videos too frequently.  Yesterday, stickers and paint kept him happy.  Today, a dry erase marker and board and a box full of puffed rice with measuring cups, spoons and funnels did the trick.  Thankfully we've been finishing before 9:30 each morning, although that will change in the weeks to come.  Deep, cleansing breaths and lots of prayers for patience ought to do it.


momto5minnies said…
With a group like yours, easing into the lessons sounds like a great plan.

Do what works ;) and have a great year.

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