Palin Power

So, did you see Sarah last night?  I have to say, it was the best political speech by a woman I have ever seen.  The Dems must be shaking in their boots.  She'll be a tough act to follow for McCain. He just isn't that inspiring to me.  For this election, I'm a single issue voter.  I'll be voting to keep Obama out of the White House.  The McCain/Palin ticket is FAR from perfect, but a Obama/Biden presidency will do untold damage to the pro-life movement, our country and the world.

My younge$t daughter i$ $itting with me a$ I type thi$ po$t and want$ to $ee the dollar $ign$ u$ed, $o here goe$: $$$$$$$$$$$.

She got a kick out of that.  Oh, to be six years old.


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