Frenzied Football Fanatic

Stat Boy is a sports statistic junkie and he is driving me crazy.  I love the boy, but does he have to continually keep me updated on the latest sports stats, plays, injuries, etc ?  Right now he is totally obsessed with football--college and pro, and I never hear the end of it.  Stat Boy runs a fantasy football league and a pick 'em pool for our family during football season. He has even begun sending his friends a list of weekly predictions via email, minus correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, of course!  I don't know, maybe he has a future as a sports caster or writer. 

We've had to implement a rule in our house that he is not allowed to discuss particular sports in the off season.  We get a small break between college basketball and baseball seasons as professional basketball and hockey are completely forbidden around here.  Sports, especially football make it into nearly all of his creative writing and art assignments. I guess I should be glad he is writing and drawing without complaint, but you'd think he'd love math all the more due to his love of sports statistics. He has bins and drawers full of papers with sports information and formulas written on them. I should just collect all of those to show the county when portfolio reviews roll-around.

Because of our son's well publicized passion in our homeschool community, a nice mom from our co-op is going to teach a class about football to a group of 6th-8th graders. She's basing the class on the very popular Baseball Unit Study by Amanda Bennett. Our son is chomping at the bit for that class to begin. I don't think she realizes she is just feeding the monster.


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