I can always tell when it has been too long since my last confession.  Behaviors I normally find cute and endearing in my spouse and children begin to irritate and annoy.  I find myself grumbling as I wash the hair from his electric razor down the sink.  I throw my hands up in the air with frustration as Baby Wingnut proudly announces his third poopy diaper of the day.  The sounds of chewing, slurping, swallowing and burping get on my last nerve.  The poorly attempted or completely neglected chores send me into a tirade of complaining and nagging. The thought of having to meet one more need or want from any of my family becomes enough to drive me to a dark, silent, and secluded closet.

As a convert, I have to say, confession is such a wonderful gift.  I really don't know how I made it through life without it.  The grace mothers get from this sacrament reminds us of why God has blessed us with our husbands and children and allows us to return to the trenches with renewed love, patience, fortitude, resolve, and humility.  God bless the priests that sit in the box and so patiently listen to poor sinners pour out our daily sins, sufferings and frustrations!


momto5minnies said…
I think I am suffering with the same condition ... the overdue need to offer up my sins.

I may wait until my inlaws (who come on Sat.) leave. By then I should probably have a really good confession ;)

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