No More Tears

All in all, we had a great start to our school year.  Probably the smoothest start we've ever had. Baby Wingnut even settled in and was capable of remaining occupied quietly, long enough for me to coax the Tornado through her work each day.  The Tornado has some kind of attitude problem. I think she slept through the meeting when we learned 1st grade is fun.  You'd think she was 13 the way she moans and groans over her school work.  She does this even for music and art.  Can anyone tell me how it is that 45 minutes is an absolute eternity to a 6 year old?  

Our older four dove right into their work and we finished up our first week without a single tearful outburst.  If they can advance their ability to read and follow directions properly and improve their accuracy, we should have a banner year. Next week we'll be adding history, geography, spelling and typing.

I really am this nuts.  I absolutely love homeschooling!


Anonymous said…
What I have done in the past when one of the kids don't want to participate or whine is to say...that is fine. You may leave...then when they are gone...we have lots of fun!!! We do art or cooking and I explain to them that they may not participate since they are not doing school. I have also told them to call MRS.Mimi (DRE) to let her know that they will not be coming to "that grade" this year or not receiving First shuts them up quick!!! Hope it doesn't back fire!!!

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