Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Day the God Family Came

The contractors have finally finished the reconstruct on our house, but not exactly by the deadline we had set.  April 30 was the absolute latest I gave them to complete the project.  April 30 was the day the God Family was to arrive.  By April 26 all that was left was the painting and window sill install.  Each morning I expected the painter to arrive and when 10 am rolled around our general contractor would receive a slightly stressed call from me.  The painter's wife had two emergency surgeries and the painter had a procedure for kidney stones and the date for completion was pushed back, again and again.  It was promised the painting would be finished and our furniture would be moved back by noon on the 30th.  The God Family's flight was to land just after noon.  The painter did not arrive at 8:30 am as promised.  Another stressed out call was made to the contractor.  He managed to track down the painter, who had instead shown up at a different job site.  Seriously?  It was a bit ridiculous.

In the end, the painter was still painting when The God Family arrived at the house.  The furniture was moved into its proper places by The Godfather and Wingnut just as I was serving up dinner.  We left moving the two ton piano (a slight exaggeration) and rehanging of the curtains for the finish up crew who finally showed up on May 1st to put the rest of the house to rights.  The entire project was a lesson in patience and to be completely honest, I  never want to go through that particular lesson again!

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