Thursday, May 8, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} The God Family Came to Utah

Wingnut Jr.'s God Family came all the way from Maryland to celebrate his First Holy Communion with him.  Our families have grown up together and we have missed them terribly since our move to Utah two years ago.  Their visit was an absolute treat of epic proportions.  I'll be posting more photos and stories from their visit over the next several days.  But for today, here are just a few for {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}.

round button chicken


It is hard to believe this pretty little flower is actually an invasive weed.  It's even harder to believe this flower is called Star of Bethlehem and is considered an invasive weed.  I say, invade away, pretty little weed!


Here are the children of The God Families (missing just my two oldest).  We took The God Family to Antelope Island for an afternoon.  It was glorious!

God Mamas


These two are just 6 months apart.  They made fast friends and had an absolute blast together.

Wingnut Jr. as Captain America in the hoodie his God Family gave him for Christmas.  Hi-ho Silver, away!

My girls could not resist the old farm house costumes.  I couldn't resist processing the photo with a vintage edit.


Three year olds are not much fun to travel with is one reality (just look at his unhappy face).  Another reality is when teenagers confiscate your phone, you will find multiple selfies on your phone camera.  Skoshi A and N had a marvelous time together.  I hope they remain life long friends!

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Rosie said...

We have that EXACT same "invasive weed" in our yard and I absolutely love it! I was wondering what it was called... The kids keep picking it and bringing it inside to put in vases, and it makes me so happy :)