Friday, May 9, 2014

Stories from First Holy Communion Part 1

Wingnut Jr.'s God Family flew all the way from Maryland to be with him for his First Holy Communion.  Yes, they are that awesome.  It was an absolute blast having them here and showing them the wonders of Utah.  I have new respect for our mutual friend, Sam, who has 13 children.  Feeding a dozen kids is quite an adventure.  We went through 13 dozen eggs in just 6 days!  Not to mention the pounds and pounds of beef, chicken, and pork!  God Mother and I would spend nearly 1/2 the day in the kitchen feeding folks.  But the memories we created were priceless!

Wingnut and I really wanted our little guy to be well prepared to receive Jesus for the first time and so we took him to confession on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, our priest had an emergency and was unavailable to hear confessions.  Poor Wingnut Jr. was beside himself.  He was absolutely convinced he was going to miss his First Holy Communion because he didn't make it to confession.  It took both Wingnut and I and both his God Parents to convince him that he was indeed in a state of Grace and that there was no way his 7 year old little soul could have sins so serious to make him unworthy of receiving Communion and that God did indeed understand he had made a good faith effort to go to confession prior to his big day.  I've never had a kiddo love confession as much as this kiddo does.  I hope he is always this willing!

I am forever grateful that First Holy Communion in our parish is in the mid afternoon.  Having a later mass made it much easier to prep for the party, get everyone showered and dressed, and snap photos at home before the event.  Which was lucky, because after the event I didn't even think about getting a couple nice group photos.

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