Monday, May 12, 2014

Stories from First Holy Communion Part 2

Wingnut Jr. made a new buddy in CCD.  He is also homeschooled and they have become best friends.   His mother runs the Meal Ministry and the Women's prayer group at our parish and we have also become good friends.  It just made sense to have our two boys celebrate this special sacrament together and so after Mass our families had a combined party.  Over 50 people attended and we all had a grand time. 

Best buddies just after Mass. I'm hoping these two remain life long buds.  It was a great day for both of them.

Wingnut Jr. with our parish priest.  We just love Father Erik.  He's especially good with kids.

First Communion banners.  Wingnut's is the very dark blue banner with a cross and loaves and fishes.

Best buds celebrating with cake.

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